Swim Safe!

Learning to swim and be safe around water is a long term journey. It doesn’t happen in a few weeks of lessons, which is what is often expected. Our classes cater for all ages and abilities from 9 months to Adults. Most children come in once a week and continue to do so all year round. Consistency is the key to optimal results. SwimSafe swim schools encourage a year round approach to swimming, we operate throughout the whole year during the Victorian School term and Intensive Programs are run during the school holiday break.(http://www.education.vic.gov.au/about/department/Pages/datesterm.aspx)

We don’t view swimming as an extra curriculum activity, it’s more a life skill. Swimming is also known to aid in the development of early social skills, confidence, determination and self-reliance whilst developing motor skills and balance.

It’s our belief that all children should be proficient swimmers by the time they finish Primary School. No- one is drown proof but being able to swim continuously for 300 metres will lower your child’s risk of drowning considerably.

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